Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Single Living Chronicles: The Strong Silent Type

I used to be hopelessly drawn to, and attracted to what old Hollywood used to call the Strong Silent type. Not the prettiest (they’re nice to look at but that’s about it for me) but good looking enough, and with a certain broodiness about him that made me desire to be the one the crack his code. But what life taught me is that the Strong Silent type ain’t nothin but a brotha who’s EMOTIONALLLY UNAVAILABLE.  He can’t meet any of your needs as a woman in a romantic relationship outside of occasional mercy sex or bits and pieces of physical affection.  Always laid back waiting for you to do all the work, all the talking, all the reaching and all the loving. Breaking off crumbs every now and then when he feels you getting tired of the bs.  Where they learn that at? Reading the pimp chronicles?
Don’t fall for that foolishness ladies. Yes, some people are quiet by nature but at the same time, even a quiet man will talk to and show affection to the woman he truly cares for before he'll take a chance on losing her. Stop laying your body down as some kind of deposit for a sentence, a few words. Everybody talks to somebody and if he talks to nobody, he might be a good candidate for a future episode of Criminal Minds.

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