Friday, July 8, 2016


LORD, please help us. We Your people need you. Not just this nation. Not just our government. Your people who are called by Your Name. We need You. We need your help. I believe God, that many of us simply don't know HOW to really pray about this type of thing. The anger is easy. The frustration is easy. Those feelings are some that we feel often, so we are used to that. But this type of anger is new to a lot of us because we didn't grow up in the same time that our parents and grandparents did. We simply don't know how to pray. But we need you.

Holy Spirit please begin to deal with us. Speak to us in our quiet moments, in the midst of the hurt and confusion. Touch our hearts in the tender spots so that we will give you our attention and allow you to begin to speak to us about exactly what it is that we even as individuals can be and should be doing during these times. 

Remind us of what the scriptures say about these last days. Remind us of what the Word says about who we are. Help us to understand better where to draw the line between, "these are the last days and the bible said this would happen" and "we need to do something".
I pray for those of us who you have anointed in the area of social activism. For the men and women who make no hesitation going to the front line to speak on behalf of an entire race of people here in this country. I pray for their safety. I pray for their strength. I pray for clarity of thought. I pray you cover them and protect them.

I pray for the rest of us that you keep us from criticizing those on the front line. That you keep us from biting at each other. That you would open our eyes to see the trickery of the enemy in all of this. 

I pray that you begin to stir up every gift. Pull to the forefront those who have drifted into the background. Heal those who have shut up and shut down due to hurt that they don't know how to release. Help us to release every hurt and put our voices back out into the atmosphere so that a difference can be made in the heavenly places as well as in earth.
I pray for our leaders in the church everywhere, our pastors that they will hear you about what to even say to the congregations before them. Give them wisdom in how to lead your people through these times.

For all of us God, help us to return to your Word, our First Love, Your Presence, ask you what must we do, what can we do. Give us to be obedient to whatever you speak to us. And empower us to carry out your perfect will in the earth through us. Help us Lord. Help me Lord. 

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