Tuesday, May 31, 2016

You Are Free to Leave

You never know where your next blessing is. I believe we have more options in life than we think we do. It’s like we don’t give God credit for having infinite ways to bless us. We place our limits on Him and we tend not to expect much or even muster up the courage to ask for much, but that thinking doesn’t line up with scripture.
I needed a door to be opened for me and God answered my prayers and opened the door. It was a blessing to me, swinging open for me just in the nick of time. I remember feeling wanted and appreciated and so thankful for the Lord showing me something different from the kind of negativity I unfortunately had grown accustomed to and to even came to expect. Shortly after walking through that door though, I realized I didn’t want to remain for a long period of time. As thankful as I was I could think of a few really good reasons why I needed to move on. Just as my reasoning began to take on the form of complaints the Lord spoke very plainly to me and said, “When I opened this door for you I didn’t open it so you could walk in and stay forever. You are free to leave.” I’ve been taking Him up on those words since that day, preparing myself for my next move.
I’m reminded of so many people over the years who prayed for a job, got hired, and then stayed on the job for years even suffering tremendously, refusing to even look elsewhere because they keep telling themselves, “But God gave me this job”.  Even if they have a longing inside for more, better, increase, even if they qualify for it, they would remain and justify doing so because God opened that door for them. As if He can’t open another one. As if He can’t hear and answer another prayer. As if they aren’t capable of continuing to grow and move forward.
God is not limited in the ways that He is able to bless and provide for us. He’s not a one hit wonder or a one trick pony.  The entire universe is at His disposal. With Him the possibilities are endless. We sing songs like, If He did it before, He can do it again, but think we should sometimes stop and do and honest heart check to see if we really believe it. Some of us live our entire lives without opening ourselves up to the possibility of something more or even different.
Do you feel stuck? Are you telling yourself that you have to stay put because God blessed you with what you have, or to be where you are? Are you assuming that just because He opened that door for you that He doesn’t have another one that can be opened if you ask? Are you waiting for someone to die before you think you can move on? Snap out of it! And many of us sadly are simply afraid for one reason or another to take a step outside the casket of our comfort zone. So we complain, and blame God for our unhappiness and accuse Him of not being resourceful enough to take us where the desire He’s placed inside of us wants us to go. Lift up your head, open your eyes, leave your options open, and allow Him to show you just how much He wants to do for you. It will exceed anything you are able to ask or imagine. And remember, unless He has given you specific instructions to stay, you are free to leave.

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  1. Amazing! Thank you so much for this. I needed this today. Thank you Thank you Thank you

    1. God bless you Gayle! You are welcome.