Friday, October 19, 2012

You Can't Be a Raindrop and a Storm at the Same Time

At the beginning of the year I had made my motto, "Taking the world by storm, one raindrop at a time".  My thinking behind that was, when I look at everything I feel that I am called to do, and everything that it will take to walk fully in that calling, each thing I do seems like a drop in a bucket, but little by little it was going to eventually happen. I felt like what I had to offer and accomplish could take the world by storm, but it was only going to happen with me taking a lot of small steps. If I were writing a poem that line would make poetic sense.  But I'm not writing a poem, I'm handcrafting my life.  Storms don't happen ONE raindrop at a time. Storms happen with pouring rain that is sometimes blinding, that causes you to run for cover, pull over to the side of the road, and sometimes pray.  Storms happen with strong winds, thunder, lightening, hail, and flooding. There is a difference between a storm, light rain, drizzles, sprinkles, or scattered showers.  If I was planning to take the world by storm, my mindset needed to be adjusted.  I was right about the storm, but only half right, and the half that wasn't right would have been the death of my dreams.

Although I was saying that I was going the take the world by storm, I was crying and complaining to God about the fact that I know I should be doing more.  I felt something huge living inside of me. Something BIG was inside of me trying to come forth. This wasn't a baby inside of me, this was something full blown and full grown that should have come forth long ago.  I cried out about being behind schedule, feeling lost, in a rut, stuck. I knew I was supposed to be doing a whole lot more with my life.  I kept saying to God, "I'm supposed to be doing stuff!  I'm supporting other people in what their doing, but I'm supposed to be doing stuff for people to support me!  I'm bigger than this! "

The Lord agreed with me and then told me what my problem was.
God told me, "You're stronger than you're living". 

Now I understand that you can't say you have something HUGE inside of you but everything about your life is small, especially your mindset.  Your attitude about anything and everything you do can't be that it's "just a drop in the bucket".  Your attitude has to match what you're carrying in your spirit. If you don't believe you can push out that baby you'll die with it inside of you, or hanging halfway out of you.  You'll cut off its oxygen and your baby will also die. You have to BELIEVE that you are bigger and stronger than the baby you're carrying, no matter how big that baby is.  If you believe your baby is bigger than you are, you won't recognize the strength that God has already given you to birth it, and you'll die and so will your baby.  I know your dreams are HUGE, but they are small compared to YOU.  So yes you can push them into being. You can with the help, and guidance of God cause them to manifest.

Too many of us have made the mistake of becoming dependent upon our dreams (because they're so big) and failed to realize that our dreams are totally and completely dependent upon US. Your dream needs you!  Your dream needs your passion, your drive, your energy, your expertise, your knowledge, your personality, your creativity, your time and your money.  Without these things your dream is just a passing thought or idea. Your dream doesn't have a life of its own.  YOU give your dream life.

Your dream is not responsible for you. You are responsible for your dream.  Your dream is waiting to come true but it will only happen through YOU.  I had to begin to adjust my thinking to believe and know for sure that everything I do is a BIG DEAL. Every step is a GIANT step.  Every accomplishment is a HUGE accomplishment.  My "raindrop" mentality was really saying that even though I felt that I had greatness inside of me,  I didn't feel like I was making much of a difference.  It was saying that I doubted my influence and didn't have much faith in my abilities, or what I really have to offer. It was saying that I doubted if I was really going to be able to pull some things off, and I shouldn't bite off more than I could chew. It was saying that no matter what I did it still wasn't quite enough or it might not compare to what others are doing.  But you can't be a storm and a raindrop at the same time!

Life happens, but it doesn't just happen.  You have to live it.  And you have to make a BIG DEAL about living it!  So adjust your mindset and bring your thoughts about yourself up to the same level as your thoughts about your dream, that beautiful baby you're carrying.  You're living as if you're smaller, weaker than your dream, but that's not true! You are strong enough! Everything you've walked through up to this moment has built the muscle strength you need to push until it manifests!

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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Never Assume

Never assume that something can't happen.
All possibilities fly out the window at the moment of your assumption.