Wednesday, December 26, 2012


God didn’t bring me this far 
to leave me stranded at the door of trouble
But He promised to walk with me through this wilderness into my land of double

Double for every tear I’ve cried 
and for everything I’ve lost
Double for what I paid to get this far, 
which was a very high cost

Double for those who didn’t understand 
and those who walked away
Double for those who really cared 
but just didn’t know what to say

Double for every moment I spent alone 
when I really didn’t want to be

Double for the hurt inside when I felt 
they didn’t even think about me

Double for what I thought I wanted, 
for what I thought I had
For weeping into my pillow at night, 
He’s promised to make me double glad

Double for every scandalous word 
spoken against my name
Double for every mistake I’ve made, 
double for my shame

He promised that what was stolen from me 
He will surely restore
For everything that I had to give up
 He will give back more

I cannot afford to get comfortable in this desert, 
there’s too much work yet to do
There’s more to life than what’s going on today, 
there’s much to look forward to

I’m not wearing a wedding dress 
to get married to this trouble
I’m putting on my high-heeled shoes 
cause I’m walking right into my

copyright 2008 The Parchments, Albertine Williams

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