Albertine Williams was born in Dumas, Arkansas and lived there until the age of 9 when she moved to Los Angeles with her family.  She attended school in the Los Angeles and Compton Unified school districts.  She was active in track and basketball, and danced in the drill team.  She moved to Kansas City at the age of 19 and is currently divorced and living with her two daughters.
She wrote her first poem when she was in the fourth grade. It was years before she wrote another one.  In her adult years she found that her only relief from the pain of life's trials was to simply write was she was feeling.  As she began to reluctantly share her writings with co-workers and friends she was amazed at the positive response.  It didn't take much longer for Albertine to realize that she was not just writing about her problems and what she was experiencing, but she was a Poet. She is now a published author of The Parchments, a book of inspirational poetry and meditations, and Intimate Things, a book of romantic poetry.
Albertine did not stop at writing poetry but more books are in the works and she is now also an inspiriational and motivational blogger. For Williams, writing has grown from being a lifeline into a way of life. 

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