I've added the SINGLE LIFE SERIES to my blog to share life lessons I've learned through my relationship with God as a single woman.  
There were so many questions that I didn't even know for sure how to ask.  Something was missing even with all of the teaching and information I was receiving.  Honestly most of it was just passed down from one generation of Church folk to the next and by the time it got to me I was sick of it. I needed REAL ANSWERS about how to truly LIVE this life for God as a Single Saved Woman, without being desperate for a man or relationship and without being consumed by my desire for companionship. If it was truly possible for me to live victoriously and have fulfillment without a husband, how in the world was I going to do it?  I stopped asking people, and started asking God to show me, teach me, help me to understand. Give me the answers to these questions and I promise to share your answers with others.  So here we are.

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