Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Single Living Series: Faces of Rejection

So a funny thing happed on the way to the market today.

as I was searching for images of rejection, the majority them,

and I mean like 99% of them looked a little something like:

Because for the most part we can’t hide it when we are not interested.

But when I found the pic that best showed how rejection felt to me

and a lot of other women through the years,

most of the time, it looks more like:


Because of the mind games men play, and sometimes

the assumptions, reading more into things,

and jumping to conclusions that we do


Or sometimes it looks a little something like:

Because for some reason, for many men it’s easier for them to

dog you or disrespect you than just tell you

that they don’t want what you want...at least not with you

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