Friday, July 8, 2016

Rising Up!

The world is starting to ask the questions: What are we supposed to do?”
They're beginning to cry out, "We've done all we knew to do and we're still being hunted and murdered in the open. What's the solution? We’ve warned our sons and daughters and we’ve gone over it many times. We’ve taught them the ropes, how to survive, how to behave when pulled over, how to be non-threatening, but still they are seen as a threat and murdered in cold blood, even on camera with no fear of consequences. What’s the answer?"
The church is rising.
I'm thankful. And grateful.

The timid will rise. The bashful will rise. The soft spoken will rise. Our voices will rise. Our prayers will rise. Our songs will rise. We will come out and up and together with the answer that supersedes the killings and injustices. The answer that doesn’t offer a fairytale of everybody coming together and getting along, where there’s no hurt or harm or casualties. The solution we’ll come with won’t be focused on the evil, but on the power of God to bring the peace that is greater than the evil around us. The peace that really does pass understanding. The peace that is puzzling even to those who walk in it. The peace that is most evident when times are most troubling. 

I feel it. Rising in me, the more I focus on the Word and not the violence and shootings and rage. I recognize them, I don’t deny their existence, but I don’t give them my undivided attention. I’m turning my eyes toward God. And I can feel the rising. I can feel myself linking up in the Spirit realm with others whose hearts and souls are crying out. I feel my gift changing. I feel a brewing in my soul, I feel tears just below the surface, not of heartache or frustration, but of my spirit responding to the change.

LORD continue by your Spirit to lead us, to tug at our heartstrings, to call us, up, out, forward into the place that You’ve destined for each of us to be, where we will fulfil our individual roles in these times and in Your Kingdom. Remind us of our calling. Reveal to us the power of our voices, not just as Americans, or African Americans, but more than ever as Believers. Help us by Your Spirit to feel SAFE in You, to go forth, to walk in wisdom, to speak with boldness, to tell people about you even though many blame You, accuse You, or dismiss the thought of You in the midst of this turmoil.

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