Friday, July 13, 2012

A Shot in the Arm

I want to share with you something that my niece Deidre wrote to encourage us in the Women in Leadership Group she heads up.  I really needed this and she gave me permission to share it here with you.  It's like that shot in the arm you get that hurts and burns at first, but will keep you healthy and strong.

She says:
Stay motivated and have a certainty regarding what your passion is-meaning, don't be easily swayed by others and/or yourself to stop pursuing your purpose. It's not enough to do online research and talk to people and call that pursuit...YOU HAVE TO MAKE MOVES and be fearless in it! REAL support doesn't caress you, stroke your ego, hold your hand. REAL SUPPORT challenges you, and if you break down, they challenge you to get up and keep moving!!!

Lastly, stop sharing your dreams with "dream snatchers" and find someone who celebrates you like Mary and Elizabeths's babies began to leap in the presence of each other.  It's real out here-everyone isn't for you...#make it happen.

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  1. OMG....Talk that talk to me! That is the love this!