Monday, July 2, 2012



In my mind I see You reaching out to me
Beckoning, "Come. Come away with me

Come with me and I will take you where
Something so special with you I'll share

You don't even have to close your eyes
Before I give you this pleasant surprise

Come away, come away with me
There is something beautiful I want you to see"

I follow and wonder what it could be
I'm amazed to find, it is the beauty in me

You invite me to take a few steps more
Something else You have in store

In a secret place I stand in awe as I see
Painted on Your heart, a portrait of me

And a note handwritten from You to me
That said, "With all my heart do I love thee"

Poem is and excerpt from The Parchments,
Also available on Kindle and eBook

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