Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Giggles With God

This morning my ride to work didn't call by her usual time so I took to the pavement, getting my first 15 minute walk in for the day.  She called after I was about a block from home and told me she was running late.  It was okay.  I have some good prayerful thoughts when I'm walking. 

When I rounded the corner, among other vehicles was a large truck with some huge round thingy on the back of it, like something that would be filled with some type of liquid. The driver had to stop at the light and I had to walk right past it.  I was bracing myself for the smell of exhaust or gasoline, but just as I got to the rear end of the truck I smelled what was more like garbage, or a slight hint of a landfill.  I looked away and squinched my nose up for the smell, then I smiled to myself. At that moment I experienced what I have heard people talk about over the years.  I experienced God giggling with me. That moment I felt Him smiling with me and saying, "I knew you would smell that.  You were expecting to smell gas but it smelled more like garbage".

I thought about the others who have testified of the giggles they've shared with God, or moments when they fell out laughing and they heard Him fall out laughing too.  They testified of the God who has a sense of humor. It's really true.  God will giggle with you.  Then I thought about the people who will say, "God has a sense of humor", but they aren't even smiling when they say it. And I thought about people who are so serious and "deep" that they would never c0nsider something like this to be possible, as if God doesn't have time to simply enjoy the company of one of His own.  But why wouldn't He? He's in relationship with us.  He not only loves us but He is also very much in love with us. Not only does He love us but He likes us.  He likes what He made.  He knew what He was doing when He put us together piece by piece, every inch, every facet of who we are, every bit of our personality...all of it handcrafted by Him. 

He knew you would be born with a crooked finger.  Or He knew about the accident that would happen that would leave your finger crooked.  He knew how tall or short you would be, what color your eyes or hair would be.  He chose the continent you would be born on, each of your parents, and whether or not you would have siblings. He shaped your personality, your likes and dislikes, your tendencies and vulnerabilities.  And for those like me who love a good laugh or a good joke, He gave us our sense of humor.  Why would a God, THE GOD, who handcrafted me with a hefty sense of humor, not want to share at least an occasional giggle with me?
And then I thought, maybe that's why He allowed my ride to run late today.  Had I been in her car sitting on her leather seats, I would have missed out on not only a much needed walk, but also my first morning giggle with God. It reminds me that it is important to keep the lines of communication open with the Lord, so that anytime He wants to share anything with me He can without any hindrances or distance between my heart and His.  Whether it be a word about my life, instruction, strategy, a heads up about something one of my children might be up to, or simply just to smile with me about something. He's the lover of my soul and His heart aches to share all of life with me.

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