Wednesday, July 11, 2012

His Promise is All the Proof You Need

I was recently reminded of a Sunday School class I was teaching a few years ago when I began to talk about holding on to the Word of God. I was teaching that when God makes a promise to us we make the mistake of looking for Him to come behind the promise and give us something to hold on to while we wait on it.  But I heard myself saying out of my very soul and spirit, "He's not going to give you anything to hold on to.  His WORD is what's going to hold you!  The very word He spoke to you is what's going to hold you together while you wait on that very word to manifest.  The power is in the word itself." 

I became so inspired by what I was saying that as I was teaching my eyes were welling up with tears.  There was such a powerful conviction upon me. The words I was speaking, I knew were coming straight from God for someone. I just didn't know who. Turns out after a while that even if it was for someone in the class, it was also definitely for ME. I have walked this teaching out since that day over and over and I will be honest to say that my faith in the Word has been tried to the hilt.  But now I see so much more clearly what God wanted me to see and I now understand that only by the Spirit of God can it be seen in the proper perspective.  

The word itself is the proof of what He said.  Yes, what He said, is proof of what He said. You may get a glimpse by way of a dream where you may be blessed to "see" something, but when you wake up, you still have to wait on that Word, that promise to manifest.  I'm a dreamer so I can say for certain that having dreams doesn't make it any easier to hold on to a promise.  Once you wake up it's very easy to second-guess or doubt and think that maybe you dreamed it because of such n such. No matter how God shows you what He plans for you, or no matter how He gets Word to you about what is to come, the bottom line is you're going to have to trust what He said and allow what He said to hold you together until what He said comes to pass.

We live in an age where if you want to tell what someone did or said or if you want to prove to someone that something happened, you can pull out your cell phone and not only take pictures but video record it. You can upload what you recorded or took a photo of and make it available for the whole world to see.  Maybe this is why it can be so difficult for us to simply take God as His Word.  Everything else in life provides a means for us to comfort our curiosity with something tangible or something caught on film or tape.  But the Word of God tells us that our Faith IS the substance of what we HOPE to have.  Our Faith IS the evidence, of things we DON'T  see.  It's sounds crazy and it sounds like something that will drive you crazy if you think about it too much, but it's the truth.

I was talking to God one day about His promise to me.  I was telling Him about my desire to see something or have something to show others as proof of what He had shown to me and said to me.  And He simply answered me, "My promise IS the proof."

The simple fact that He said it, is proof that He said it.  
His promise is all the proof you need.

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