Friday, April 24, 2015


I dedicate this poem to all of you who are waiting for one more opportunity to see someone or talk to them so you can finally get Closure. You really need to read this.


I have often wondered since you’ve been gone

If I would ever see you again, or speak to you

For the most part, I knew that I would not

But I would also wonder, if I didn’t see you again

How would I know for certain

That I’m no longer in love with you?

How would I know for sure

That it’s really okay that you will never be mine?

How could I possibly get closure

If I never experienced the stab wound that would come to my heart

From you saying to me that you could never love me?

Though I seriously doubted that I would ever see you again

I still hoped in my heart that I would

I hoped that somehow I would get a chance to tell you for myself

That I’m over you, and I’m okay

I hoped to be able to tell you a wonderful story

About my poetry or about my life

And how much better things are for me

I hoped so much for an opportunity

To let you hear the excitement in my voice

As I gave you my progress report

Because I wanted to make you proud of me

The way that I was and am so proud of you

I wanted you to allow me to give you my happy story

I wanted you to give me closure

When I heard that you were on the phone

My heart raced

Here was my chance, my golden moment

My once in a lifetime opportunity to receive closure from you

But you didn’t want to talk to me

So I couldn’t give you my good news

I couldn’t say thank you for being my friend

Or at least for convincing me that you were

I couldn’t’ thank you for not taking advantage of me

Even after you realized

That I was putty in your hands

I couldn’t say that I will always love you

Because you are an extraordinary human being

And that I am grateful to God for allowing me

These last twelve months of you in my life

I couldn’t say thank you for closure

But I can say thank you for not giving me closure

Because if you had given it to me

I would have lived the rest of my life not knowing

That I already had it

Albertine Williams © copyright 2009

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