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"I have plenty of good men. They are just hidden, just as you are hidden. I just need you to let me fix you. Let me fix you so that if I give you a husband you won't be trying to get from him what you can only get from me, and if I don't give you a husband you'll still be okay."
When He said that to me I was honest with Him and said, "Lord I believe you can do the first part, but I'm not gonna lie. I don't believe you can do the second part. I don't believe that you can make me be okay without a husband.

Well guess what? He did it! Did He take away my desire for a mate? NO.  But He did exactly what He said. He FIXED ME so that I would be okay without a husband even though I still desire one. I promise you...He's the ONLY ONE who could do that. How did He do it?  Through my relationship with Him. Through questions I asked and the answers He gave. Through explaining things to me about men and showing me characteristics of Himself that are also found in Godly men and manly men.

Single ladies are constantly told, "Work on your relationship with God!" But nobody was able to explain HOW our relationship WITH GOD actually worked to prepare us for relationship or no relationship. But I asked questions and I'm sharing God's answers with you. It's not rocket science but at the same time if nobody takes the time to let God teach them, the cycle of unhappy, unfulfilled, and desperate acting SAVED Single sisters in church will continue. I didn't want to be one of those women even though I was for a while, and you don't have to be either.

A few weeks after God first said to me, "Let me fix you", He came back to clarify, probably because He recognized how I responded to those particular words in my heart. My heart response, even though I didn't say it out loud, was that there must be something "wrong" with me. It's my fault that I'm not married. I'm not good enough yet. 

The Lord said to me, "When I said 'Let me fix you', I wasn't saying that something is wrong with you or that you're not good enough.  I want you to let me fix what the enemy has done to you, what others have done to you, and what you out of ignorance have done to yourself"

During the course of our lives so many things come and hurt us to our core, break our hearts and ultimately change the way we feel about ourselves and others, and can change how we feel about relationships. Without proper healing or understanding being gained from things we go through the pain we suffer over time can begin to chip away at our hope. God sees this better than anyone, even us and His desire is that we allow Him through our relationship with Him to heal those old wounds, point out things to us that we have overlooked, explain things to us like how our beliefs have hindered and sometimes crippled us from moving forward in life and enjoying true contentment and fulfillment.

Begin to take time and ask God to reveal to you how the painful things you have experienced have shaped you and altered your view of relationships and yourself.  You may be surprised at how much hurt is still influencing your behaviors and beliefs.

Funny thing about being truly healed:  Sometimes you think you are when you really aren't.  But when you really KNOW it. I didn't know all of what needed to be healed at the time the Lord spoke this to me but by the time He got done breaking it down I was amazed. 

How many dreadful things has the enemy whispered into your ears that you received as your own thoughts?  How many times has he accused you, to yourself, and you agreed with him?  How many times has he ridden the coat tail of your negative emotions at the moment and kicked you when you were down? 

How many times have you been hurt, and deeply wounded by someone who was more than happy to let him use them against you? Have you ever been abandoned? Betrayed?  Lied to? Lied on? Cheated? Abused or taken advantage of in any way? 

Have you ever looked into the mirror and instead of seeing a reason to compliment yourself, you spoke only of things you hated about your looks? How often have you talked yourself out of doing something? Have you ever put up with any level of abuse in any kind of relationship? How many lies did the enemy tell you about yourself that you agreed with because you didn't know any better?  How many times have you gone along with something that was hurtful to you because you didn't know that you were really strong enough to say "No" and that it was okay to say "No"?

It was these kinds of things that the Lord had to walk me through in order to get me to where I could be okay with or without a husband. I encourage you today to open your life and your heart to God and allow Him to "fix you".  Not because you're not good enough or worthy yet, but because you don't realize how damaged you still are.  You don't realize how much the enemy actually got over on you in your ignorance.  The Lord will show you that what you've accepted as "Just the way you are", is not the real you at all, and is not acceptable to Him because it is simply not God's best for you. It's not that He doesn't want to give you the companionship you desire. He just doesn't want you going into a relationship with so many open wounds or sore spots on your soul.  These will wreak havoc in any relationship, and for many of you they are why the last few haven't worked out. He doesn't want you better; He wants you healed. 

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