Wednesday, April 29, 2015

SINGLE LIFE SERIES: Something is Still Missing

There is always so much conversation about how a single woman should prepare herself for marriage. Quite a bit of what I hear really boils down to selfishness, making everything about you and then refusing to "settle" for a man who won't worship you.

And then there is the usual "get yourself together" talk or speech.  "Get a relationship with God. Get your education. Get a career. Take care of your finances. Clean up your credit. Learn how to cook and how to keep a clean house. Then you will be "ready" for a husband."

How many single women do you know who have done all of the above and STILL don't have a husband or any prospects?  Quite a few!  So evidently there is still something missing in all of this we are being told about how to prepare for marriage, and when a man will come into our lives.

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