Wednesday, April 29, 2015

SINGLE LIFE SERIES: When Ruth Met Boaz She Was Homeless and Bankrupt

When I was first going through really bad financially, as a single woman I thought a lot about how I wanted things to be when my mate "found me". I would pray and cry to God about it all the time.  "I don't want to be a basket case!  I don't want to be broke!  I don't want him to come and have to rescue me! I don't want him to come and have to pay off all my debts and stop me from being put out, or pay my phone bill or utility bill!"  Just on and on and on I whined about it. Why?  Because we are constantly being told to get all that stuff together so we will be ready or fit for a good man to come into our lives. But one day God dropped a BOMB on me, and he pulled it right out of scripture.

I was whining as usual about how I wanted to be financially stable and ready for a mate when God spoke to me and said, "WHEN RUTH MET BOAZ SHE WAS HOMELESS AND BANKRUPT."  Stopped me dead in my tracks, but then I allowed Him to show me what He was talking about.

She went out because she was hungry, looking for enough food to get them through the day. When she went out, she went HOPING that PERHAPS she would find favor with someone who would allow her to glean the leftovers that fell to the ground as they harvested their grains. She had no property, no inheritance and everything she'd had with her husband had been lost.  She had NOTHING.

But here we are, and have been being indoctrinated that we should HAVE all these things together before we should expect a husband from God. hmmmm. Sounds like one of those missing pieces that keeps leaving a void and bigger question mark.

Not to mention Esther who was an orphan and of a nationality of people who were being threatened with annihilation. She ended up married to a KING.  And not just a KING, but a king who LOVED her.  Both Boaz and King Xerxes LOVED Ruth and Esther. These weren't just marriages of convenience. These women captured the hearts of these men.  But wait....they didn't have anything. (to bring to the so-called table) So something IS missing...

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