Friday, November 2, 2012


I know that many of us have spoken of and heard it spoken of, "Going to the nations".  I always agreed with it.  I always felt that I was one of the ones who was called to minister to the "nations".  I imagined myself getting on and off of planes, carrying my little bags, being greeted by whoever was hosting me...A little bit glamorous I suppose. :-)  On my way to minister to the nations.  I felt like what God had/has placed inside of me was something to be shared with nations.  That it was huge and belonged to people all over the world.  I had no idea how I would come to the point of flying here and there, I just always pictured it in my mind as the only way to reach "the nations".

As years came and went, I felt less convinced that I was going to be getting on planes and going anywhere outside of this country, the grand old U S of A. A news story here and there, thoughts of being someplace and not able to get back home, you name it...caused me to even desire it less. 

But one day a hunger began to develop inside of me.  What was I to do with all that I felt I had to offer?  Sit and wait to be called upon inside my local church?  No.  The nations aren't in our local churches. That's family, friends, loved ones.  As this hunger grew I heard myself saying exactly what it would mean to me to "go to the nations".  I told my friend, "Honey I can upload a video on youtube and anybody in the world will be able to see it!  You can go to the nations with a youtube video".

Lightbulb.  That was exactly true.  Anything on the internet is open and free to the world, unless it's password protected or something.  Any video, blog, post on a social website, is immediate available to the nations. This really opened my eyes.  Why would any of us sit and complain about who doesn't want to hear us (not that I was complaining about that at all but just making a point) or not having opportunities to do whatever, when the WWW is at our fingertips.  People who you will never meet in person will watch your video, or read your blog without you even having to leave your bedroom (or whatever room your access is). 

The nations can be reached from your home, bedroom, on a bus stop if you're using a laptop, or anywhere you can get a signal for your phone.  Once you click the upload or post or enter button you instantly place whatever you shared at the fingertips of the entire world and all who God has ordained to partake of it.  Understanding this will make you think again before posting some things.  Thinking about who could wind up looking at it, listening to it, reading it, is enough to make you "check yourself before you wreck yourself"

The other day I checked the stats of this blog.  It showed me how many views of my blog came from which countries/nations.  This is what it showed:

Czech Republic
No bad for just 5 months.  So just in case you're one of those who, like I did, has begun to wonder just how in the world you're going to reach the world, let me help you.  It's called WWW.

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