Tuesday, November 20, 2012


You can’t determine your success by how you feel.  Remember, God’s Word  and promises are true no matter how you feel.  It just is what it is…TRUE. 

Flesh gives us instant results, but they don’t last. When we begin to work the Word, we don’t always see the instant changes.  That doesn’t mean things aren’t changing. Another way to see it is, as long as you have “feelings” that it’s not working, or you’re not making progress, that’s actually a good sign that you ARE changing and it IS working. (the enemy will always present his argument against you with the opposite of what is really true) God does His work from deep inside, in the place that isn’t visible.  But the changes that take place from deep within are being made from the core of who you are. Those are the changes that will last a lifetime and grow you into the person that you really are.
Right now the person you’ve become is really just a result of what you have been through.  You are now the sum total of everything that has transpired up to this point, whether it be decisions you made or things that have happened to you.  But the fact that you DESIRE to be better, is PROOF that inside, at your core, YOU ALREADY ARE WHO YOU DESIRE TO BE!  That’s where the desire is actually coming from…INSIDE OF YOU!  Agree with your desire to be greater because that desire is coming from the greater that is inside of you.
Acknowledge that it is hard, but CONFESS that YOU CAN DO IT. Acknowledging the challenge is good because it is a reminder of the testimony that is being built as a result of the situation. It keeps you out of denial. Denial says, “There's nothing wrong with me!" "It’s not hard!" "It doesn’t bother me!" "It doesn’t matter to me!” So don’t deny.  Go right ahead and acknowledge that, “Man! This is hard!”  “This ain’t no joke!” “This ain’t no punk!”  But guess what?  YOU ain’t no joke, and YOU ain’t no punk either!
 Confessing your ability THROUGH CHRIST is what will CREATE THE POWER TO CHANGE. Acknowledging the difficulty lets you take an honest look at what you’re dealing with.  But when you make confessions based on who God says you are and what His Word says, you make yourself STRONGER THAN THE STRONGHOLD, so that no matter how strong IT is, YOU ARE STRONGER.
Nothing is going to fall out of the sky onto you and make you Mighty Christian.  But what is going to create the Might inside of you is going to come from inside of you, out of your mouth, into the atmosphere around you, back into your spirit and manifest the power to change in your life.

Agree with God that you are victorious!

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