Sunday, November 11, 2012


 In the midst of some things around me going through major changes I began to feel a little bit lost. But God spoke to me and said, "You just keep coming to me and I'll anoint you above what's going on around you."
As I prayed yesterday morning and continued to surrender to Him in the matter He revealed to me, through me, more of what that really means.  I love how He causes me to prophesy to myself while I'm talking to Him!

Leaders emerge during times of crisis and uncertainty.  Leaders seemingly come forth out of the shadows, from the background, right in the midst of things coming apart.  A leader is someone who for a lifetime was "known", but in a moment comes forth almost as a stranger due to the fact that God will appoint and and anoint them in a way that was never seen before even by those who "knew" them. These leaders, make major IMPACT, and gain enemies from within their own camp, but because of the assignment and anointing they cannot be stopped or even hindered as they continue to walk in the Will of God.  Two such leaders come to mind right off the bat. (Understand that your assignment is not about you but is directly connected to the Will and Purpose of God being fulfilled)

David was completely ignored by his father when the prophet came to anoint the next King. (check out my previous blog) But Samuel sent for him and anointed him to be king in the midst of his father and all his brothers. David had what Dad Johnson used to call "backwoods experiences" that prepared him for his assignment of being King. When questioned by Saul he was able to refer back to the time when he had to kill a lion and a bear to protect the sheep. He took a lamb out of his mouth and then took him by the beard and killed him. It was because of what David did that nobody saw, that he was able to kill a giant who everybody feared, and kill him in the midst of everyone so that all could see.

Even Jesus, was raised up pretty much as a nobody, a carpenter's son, a commoner.  Even Isaiah said of him in chapter 53: "For he shall grow up before him as a tender plant, and as a root out of dry ground: he hath no form nor comeliness; and when we shall see him, there is no beauty that we should desire him." In other words we could have walked past Him on the street every day and never given Him a second thought or glance. But when He came forth and let it be known who He really was, the leaders of the synagogue and those who "knew" him were offended at Him.  "Is this not Joseph's son?" they asked. They couldn't get past the fact that He was raised in the neighborhood.  His father probably had made or repaired a piece of furniture for them. They knew his family and all his little brothers and sisters.  How was He suddenly announcing to them in a church service that He was the Messiah they had been waiting on?

As human beings we tend to make the mistake of thinking and believing that God can't use us because of things we've done, and things we've been through.  We believe that someone else is better suited to lead out for whatever reason.  We've spent so much time in the background that we've forgotten the visions, the dreams, the words spoken to us by God of what He plans for us. We forget, or maybe some are never told that what we are going through is just the preparation for the fulfillment of everything God said. We mistake our backwoods experience for a tomb where we should bury the promises of God and the call of God on our lives.  

We tend to think that with every hurt and disappointment we are becoming more and more disqualified for use. But God is the opposite.  He chooses us because of the things we've done and been through.  He has the power to take what happened in the shadows and use it as an instrument to bring deliverance, salvation and healing to masses. God is saying that with every moment you spent in obscurity He was making deposits into your spirit. Every moment you spent feeling like you weren't strong enough to take another step, He was building your spiritual muscles. Every tear you shed He took it and converted it to anointing oil to be poured out upon His people. Every moment you spent alone, wishing you didn't have to be, was a moment He used to teach you  the power of His presence. 

And in a moment when you least expect, He calls you forth out of the shadows, out of the backwoods, into the forefront, to be the leader He told you that you would be years ago.  This moment when you feel the least qualified, God says to you that after reviewing your bio, your resume that He Himself wrote, He has decided that you are the one for the job. Your assignment begins now. Your season changes today.  But fear not because not only is He with you now, and not only will He never leave you, He was with you in the darkroom developing your character for the assignment ahead. He was with you in the wilderness.  He was with you in the backwoods.  Read back over your own bio, and agree with what God has written about you. Now go forth and walk in the fulfillment of all that He has shown you!

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