Monday, November 26, 2012

Learning Opportunities

Every time you blunder, stumble, fall, flub up, mess up, jack up, get hurt, get used or abused, IT'S A LEARNING OPPORTUNITY. 

It's never God's plan for us to experience these things and then just come away with no more sense than we had when it happened. Every time you hit a rough patch the Lord is waiting to see if you will come to Him and ask Him about what happened.  At first it may seem like He's blaming you for whatever went wrong in your life, but keep listening.
 God doesn't gossip about other people, but He does point things out to us concerning our interactions with others about  ourselves that will help US to be stronger, wiser, and more successful in our endeavors. 

The failure isn't in falling, but in FAILING TO LEARN THE LESSON from the fall.

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