Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Every time you mention your "haters" you make them important. You draw attention away from yourself and what God is doing in you and you turn that very attention to them.   That's exactly what they want you to do! For you to use the power in your mouth to make them famous! Do you really want to do that?

If they were going to be known for anything on their own they would have done it.  But because they haven't done it, or don't feel capable, they wait for someone like you to come along who's making strides and progress, and they hop on your coat tail and linger in your shadow with drama in hopes of you being ignorant enough to share some of the stage GOD has given you with them.  Recognize drama for what it is.  Recognize envy, and jealousy for what it is. 

The worst thing that can happen to a "hater" is to have their antics COMPLETELY IGNORED by the person they are jealous of.  You being less of who you are won't make them more of what they need to be.  Don't throw away the price you paid for your anointing over somebody who suddenly has a problem with you.  When you were sitting, standing, working right next to them with a broken heart, with your spirit crushed, with your soul crying out for help, they didn't have enough discernment to even notice or enough God in them to care.  Don't you dare, give away your power or compromise what God is doing in you now.  Protect that which cost you everything!

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