Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Not Fooled But Fueled

Kinda sorta random thought this evening on the way home:  

Yes it would have been nice if my life had been picture perfect and I hadn't made the mistakes and bad choices I made.....but then if it had been that way, who would I be able to minister to? NOBODY.

Maybe if we focused on the Blood of Christ and the work of the Cross we would be able to live a bigger better life and not be held back by things that God can't even change.  If He can't change our past, why in the world do we cry because we can't?  But He can take everything from our past, even the worst, and work it for our good, so good, that if we didn't know better, we'd think He meant for us to act the fools we acted.   As a matter of fact, He seems to do His best work with our worst choices. 

He doesn't want us to be FOOLED by our past (into thinking we will never really over come it) but He wants us to be FUELED by our past as we use every lesson learned for our betterment, and growth.

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