Wednesday, May 13, 2015


Dear Hard Work,
I've never liked you.  You suck worms! You get on my nerves! You make me tired. You make me sweat. Sometimes you won't let me sleep. I have to keep getting up out of bed sometimes because I have to keep writing stuff that you don't speak until I get comfortable. What's up with that? You always nag me about what I'm supposed to be doing, what I said I was gonna do, what I forgot to do, what I don't feel like doing. Every time I think I'm about to do something here you come putting your two cents into it. 

You upset my comfort and always tell me that I have to do things I don't feel like doing.  You've always been so pushy and bossy. Then, when I don't do what you say, I end up paying a price.  So either way, I have to obey you and be miserable or not obey you and be miserable. Sometimes I wonder why you can't just let me do what I want to do without all the durn drama! Do you have to butt into EVERYTHING?  You gotta have something to say about EVERYTHING?! REALLY DUDE?! I can't with you sometimes. 

It would be nice to be able to accomplish something without having to deal with you but after all this time living with you looking over my shoulder and whispering into my ears I decided go ahead and give you a chance. You see, when I look back over my life, at every time you offered to hold my hand and help me do things and I rejected you, I ended up not finishing those things you offered to help me with.  Like in 5th grade when I quit the track team and missed out on getting all those cool ribbons and trophies....and college....and a few other things.  

You see, I didn't feel like you were helping me. I felt like you were hindering me, holding me back, killing my vibe.  But you were, it seems, my blessing in disguise. People would tell me that about you but I didn't believe it.  Too me, you hurt too much. You took up a lot of my time. You didn't like it when I hung out with other people very much. And you cost quite a bit. If I had fooled with you I would have been left with nothing! But now I see that being left with nothing would have positioned me to receive everything I was trying to accomplish without you.  

I still don't like you sometimes, but I need you, now more than ever, so I've been hanging out with you lately and I must say, there's something about you that sticks.  You get a little bit addictive. You make my blood rush. I even sleep pretty good after hanging out with you during the day. You make me feel strong and you help me to be determined at the point that I would normally send you on your way. The more I let you push me, the more you push, and then, wow, I let you push me more! Who knew?! You're kinda cool. 

Now you already know, I'm a stubborn one, strong willed and can be hard headed, and I have to keep a handle on my emotions because you make me want to throw hissy fits sometimes.  But if you would please, hang in there with me. I'm like an old dog learning new tricks but I have hope, that oddly, came from you.  I still don't like you very much,  but I honestly don't think I can do this without you.  Took me long enough realize huh? 
Dear Hard Work,
Much Respect.

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