Saturday, September 1, 2012

While You're Healing

Just cry when you need to.  And know that each tear that falls is falling for the first, and last time. Each tear drop is just a drop of pain leaving your soul and making room for healing to fill that spot. You'll feel anger, you'll feel regret, you'll feel stupid, you might feel like the joke is on you, you may want that person to die.  It's all a part of your healing process. Feelings come and go, and they come, to go.  The negative feelings are normal but are not meant to become your normal. Let them come, run their course, and then let them pass.  With each passing of negativity will come a passing in of healing. 

Understand that when those negative feelings come to the surface they are only there to be scooped up and off by the healing hand of God.  You will experience days and moments when you feel like you have made major strides, only to have something trigger what seems to be a setback and dig up another truckload of pain. But over time, the pain will subside, it will hurt less and less until it doesn't hurt at all.  It gets better. Even though you may not believe it right now, just take my word for it.  The whole time you're hurting, you are healing.

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