Wednesday, September 19, 2012


I believe it was Bishop Jakes who said that we love to rejoice about the SHIFT, but we don't always like what happens in the actual shift.  He said that when things are shifting stuff gets knocked around.  I thought that was so powerful because it made me think about my season of shifting.  In a shift, stuff gets moved.  Something might come loose.  Something might fall and break.  Shifts aren't as pretty as we imagine, and they aren't really comfortable, but they are necessary.

You can sit in a position so long that your leg may go to sleep due to cut off circulation. Sometimes when I'm sitting I tend to have my foot turned over in a position that, when I move it, (shift it), it really hurts my ankle, because I didn't realize it was in a bad position until I decided to move it.  I'm reminded of a psychology class I attended years ago in which  we learned about one type of  mental illness  called  Catatonic schizophrenia. A person with this disorder may often assume very unusual postures and hold them for extended periods of time, even days.  Can you imagine what your muscles would feel like if you held either of the below positions for an hour, much less a few days or weeks?  (Thank God for treatments nowadays that makes this less common.)

You need the shifting of position because without it you could really injure yourself by staying in a position for a prolonged period of time. After you shift your position, which sometimes involves pain,  you'll find yourself in a more comfortable position.  But think about it, you were looking for a more comfortable position when you began to shift. (Maybe this is why we rejoice over the shift in the beginning)  Our bodies were meant to move and so was our life designed by the Creator to move.  Even after surgery patients are encouraged to get up and walk, even in pain, because doctors have discovered that to move is necessary.  We need the circulation of blood so that every cell of our body receives the nutrition that it needs, and it increases our chance to experience full recovery.  There is LIFE in the blood!

My Bishop said at the beginning of 2012, "The Shift is Here".  I felt it in my spirit and received every syllable of it, and I have been experiencing some of the shaking and readjusting that comes when things are being shifted.  It's actually kind of awesome!  If I didn't realize or understand what was going on, some of these things could be very discouraging and even hurtful to me right now. But instead, although it's not an easy lesson, I'm learning to embrace the discomfort, because it is actually a sign that I'm changing!  I'm growing.  I'm stretching into that place that my heart has yearned for for so long.

Did you come into this season of your life rejoicing about the shift?  Did you have the strongest feeling that everything was about to change for the better? Did you get a glimpse of your end result, the finished product? Have things, since your glimpse, been getting shaken up?  Moved around? Dropped?  Has something or someone fallen off?  Has something broken?  GOOD!  It means you're right where God wants you!  The shift isn't coming, the shift is here, and you're right in the middle of it.  Don't give up now and don't be discouraged.  You're that much closer to your expected end!

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