Thursday, July 23, 2015


I've noticed how some people LOOOVE to talk themselves up by saying that the Lord has been showing them that they need to cut some people loose, mainly, and usually, because according to them God said, "They can't go where you're going" or something along the lines of one's level as opposed to their level. Though this is true at times I would like to give you something else to consider...

It could be that the Lord is nudging you to cut back or cut ties with someone and it has nothing to do with levels or where you're going that they can't go. It could be that it's because what YOU don't know that GOD KNOWS  is that they really don't want to be bothered with YOU half the time. They tolerate YOU. People put up with things and other people all the time that they hate for whatever reason, and then eventually there is a blow out that could be avoided if you would only obey the Lord's leading. Consider that He's trying to spare YOUR feelings, because if you don't, you just might wish with all your heart that you did. Sometimes people hurt you out of jealousy, but sometimes people hurt you because they simply don't like you and the only way THEY know how to be rid of you is to hurt you bad enough to make you leave. They are better at causing injury than simply doing what the Lord is leading YOU to do. Don't concentrate on being stabbed in the back. Consider that people stab you in the back because they don't like you to begin with.

Avoid the blow up. Avoid the betrayal. Avoid that thing that will seemingly come from out of nowhere and break your heart. If the Spirit of God is leading you to back away, BACK AWAY, for your OWN sake and protection. Eventually you may see very clearly why you needed to distance yourself even though the Lord probably won't give you those details in the beginning. But for now, don't get caught up in the "they're not on my level" cliche`, and just obey God. It's not always that deep, but if you disobey, it might end up being deeper than you want it to be.

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