Wednesday, January 16, 2013


If you're like me you've already had some moments where your new year and new start....again....tried to drift back into the old place of non productivity, giving up, talking yourself out of things you promised yourself you'd make happen.

Have you noticed sometimes that the very thing you're hoping for and working toward seems to pop up in many of people's lives around you, and that's just the problem....AROUND you, but not FOR you or TO you.  This can catch you off guard and hit your dream with a sucker punch.  But you gotta regroup as quickly as possible.  Pick up your shovel and get back to digging.
The problem isn't that other people are getting blessed. The problem is what it triggers in your own thoughts.  For some reason it can cause you to feel like the whole world is passing you by...again.  But it's not. As long as you are reaching, learning, researching, inquiring, you're still digging.  And at some point you're going to hit YOUR wellspring of blessings and when you do, you're going to understand what it was all about!
Remember, your BIG LIFE isn't determined by the others and what happens to and for them, good or bad..  Your spring of living water is down inside of you.  Every gift you need, every ability is buried inside of you underneath everything that life has thrown at you up to this point. It's buried underneath everything that tried, but failed to destroy you.  You're not less because someone else got blessed!  So come on, dry those pity party tears, pull yourself together, repeat back to God what He has said to you, pick your shovel back up, AND KEEP DIGGING!  YOU'RE ABOUT TO STRIKE IT RICH!  IN LIFE, IN LOVE, IN FULLNESS OF JOY!  IF ANYBODY'S DREAMS HAVE EVER COME TRUE (and they have) SO CAN YOURS!

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