Tuesday, June 26, 2012


I thank God for the doors that I hoped would open and they didn't.
For the ones I thought would open, but never did.
I thank Him for the ones that opened and then closed before I could get to them.
I thank Him for the ones that opened and let me in and then pushed me out before I could fully commit to them.

I thank God for every time I didn't fit in. For every time I was forgotten. And for every time I was remembered, but still simply left out. I thank God for the rejections that broke my heart into pieces because they all revealed the greatest rejection...the one I had for myself. (And then He healed that one!)

I thank Him for the people who were strong enough, or weak enough, to walk away from me, and for the moment I became strong enough to walk away from and let go when it was needed.

I thank God for the prayers He didn't answer right away and the ones He did...both were answered right on time! I thank God for the answers I'm still waiting on, because He has already proven Himself FAITHFUL.

I thank God for loving me so much and being so determined to keep me for Himself and His purpose that He watched me weep, let me hurt, suffered me to suffer, and kept me from everybody who would have destroyed me or lead me in the wrong direction. In spite of what I thought or wished, or hoped, or assumed.

When people die we like to say, "We loved you but God loved you best."
I submit to all of you, That statement shouldn't be spoken over the dead, but over the living. The grave is not the  place to show love, but while you're breathing, God expressed His love and Faithfulness to you. And I just want to say, LORD I LOVE YOU TOO!

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