Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Love in Any Language

I have often heard criticism of people who find it easier to buy a gift or do something nice than to simply say, "I'm sorry". I will encourage you, don't criticize them. They are speaking their own language.  It may be your child, a friend who will treat you to lunch, or a spouse who will buy you something or take you out when they have hurt or offended you.  Consider that it may be their love language.  Don't criticize them for not speaking the same one you speak.  Learn instead to appreciate all the special attention you get when they express it in their own personal way...a way that they really want you to understand accept, and respect.

You may want to try and force or demand that they say, "I'm sorry", to satisfy your need to hear it.  They on the other hand may really wish that you would understand how they communicate their love to you.  Please don't accuse them of not being sincere when it seems to be easier for them to do something or give something instead of coming back and saying those 2 words. Recognize the language they are speaking and reward their "act of service" with your "affection" and both of you will be rewarded even though you both speak different (love) languages.

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