Friday, March 7, 2014


DISTRACTIONS can be deadly in more ways than one. They can get you killed physically, or get you off track and kill your God-given opportunities. They appear so real, and the feelings are often so strong that you believe it's true, even though you can't explain it.  I suppose then that a rule of thumb should be, if you can't explain it, question it whether or not it's coming from God, for He is not the author of confusion.  Even when God is leading you in a path that you can't understand, there is still, always and element of peace working, holding you together.  When you can't sense that peace, you should know that you are dealing with an enemy of distraction and you need to shake yourself loose from it and get back on track. 

Whatever you do, DO NOT walk away from anything you're doing in the kingdom when you're "feeling" this way. You're steps away from forfeiting all God has planned for your very near future. Even if you step out of line for a moment, it can be a moment that will cost you what God has been preparing you for and you for it. As close as some of us are to our next breakthrough, the smallest of decisions can wreck our whole future. I know that you don't want to experience that any more than I do!  I really do want ALL that God has for me and I know you do too.

Spirits of frustration and distraction usually have us focus on all the times we were let down in the past.  We tend to linger in the hurt and return to it because we have not yet found a new place of comfort in God. We revert back to the comfort of the painfully familiar and as soon as or very soon after we revert back, we realize that we've been duped...again!  How and why does this keep happening?!  The same types of relationships, the same bouts of depression, the same feeling of being overwhelmed and feeling helpless. While some of you are reading this, you're recognizing some of the same old same old battles you fight from time to time, aren't you?


Do you struggle with always feeling like you're just outside of everything good that is happening?  Do you find yourself always just a couple of steps behind the blessing?  Do you notice or feel like you're always getting to an open door just as it is closing in your face? Do you feel like you're always right within arm's reach, always within close range, but never quite close enough...only close enough to see others, one by one, grab hold of everything you knew was there, and thought for sure was yours too? Do you constantly find yourself asking the question, "Why does this keep happening to me?" or "Lord, what's wrong with me?"  Do you find yourself having the conversation in your head and saying, "They're no better than I am", or even, "They're not even as good as I am!", but for some reason, they are there, and here you are with your questions?  Do you often find yourself toggling between realizing the greatness inside of you, and feeling inadequate and unnoticed. Do you grapple with commitment and follow through?


It's time to take down this giant.  I will call it a giant bug, when it's upon you, it feels so much larger than you and seems to overwhelm you, and it can do an enormous amount of damage, but in actuality, it is nothing but a bug that should be squashed under your foot.
Think back to the times when you felt so close to something big, good, great...and then what happened next?  The next thing that happened was that you found yourself wondering, "What in the world happened? I was so close, I could feel it, taste it". That's the next thing you remember but it's not the next thing that actually happened. What actually happened next was, you got distracted, and then you found yourself with those questions.

Many of us have lived with so much negativity for so long that it's as normal to us as breathing.  We don't even think about it, and we only really notice it when it is troubled or interrupted in some way. It's the same when we speak negatively or when we fall time after time into the trap of distractions. We must become as passionate about fulfilling our purpose as we are about breathing. We need to become so sensitive to anything that interrupts our chasing of our dreams and visions that we recognize it as soon as it rears it's ugly head, not after the damage is done. If you inhale something that makes you ill, or cuts off your air; if you find yourself in a closed in place that causes you to panic and struggle to breathe, your immediate goal is to get away from it, or out of it, and never go anywhere near it again.  But with distractions, we don't recognize them for what they are so we fall again and again into the same ditches and traps and we continue the cycle of defeat. How pathetic we must look to some people who believe that we have so much more to offer than they do, but unlike them, we lack focus, and the ability to see a distraction for what it really is.

Your distractions may be very different from mine.  We all have to do this soul searching on a personal level.  We all have to take the time to slow down, and open our hearts up to the Spirit of God so that He can begin to point this enemy out to us in our own lives. There is so much empowerment in knowledge. Begin to pray now and ask the Teacher to teach you how to identify the distractions that keep backing you into corners, stopping you in your tracks, beating you to the punch, and down to your knees in defeat.  Ask Him to shine the light of His truth on it and point it out, so that you can see it for what it is, and kick it out once and for all. Ask Him to help you to get your ears unclogged so that you may be able to hear His voice teaching you over the voice of your enemy telling you everything you can't or won't do or be. 

We all know that the devil is a lie. The problem is we don't always recognize his voice when he's talking so we take ownership of his lies, believing them to be the truth. But the cycle can stop and with the help of God, it will stop!  Agree with me that it stops today! Agree with God that it is not your destiny to live your life just outside of all He has promised to you and is preparing your for. Declare that you will possess all and walk in all that you have been called to possess, and walk in. You will become who you really are!  The things you have suffered and endured were not for nothing. There is a reward, a breakthrough, a promotion with your name on it and you will not be distracted into missing out on the fulfillment of God's promise over your life!

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