Monday, February 29, 2016

One Phone Call Can Change Your Life

My pastor says it all the time in his teaching, "One phone call can change your entire life".  Well it happened to me today. I got a call from the doctor's office this morning and as I kinda figured, I’ve developed Type II.

I don’t know if they can tell about how long I’ve had it though. I know the A1C test they do goes back 3 months. 

Now I feel like I have to think about everything I eat. And I’m peeing all over the place... like twice per hour. Well this explains it. I thought it was something else but it’s that AND blood sugar. I have to control it because it leads to heart disease.

I had bought a bag of mini snickers but I have them on my desk to give away to whoever wants them. About half are already gone. Good!

I’ll take the peanut butter cookies home today for the stinkers. The shortbread ones don’t have much sugar so I’ll keep them. 

The Super Green Raw food powder I bought is not what I thought it was, so there goes 30.00. It’s not sugary though so I should be okay with keeping it, but I doubt I’ll drink it every day. I found that adding lemon juice makes the berry taste better. Not much you can do to help the taste of the green one.

I had a banana with breakfast so the potassium will help with all the peeing I been doing today, by replacing potassium I'm losing in my urine.

I bought a yogurt thingy with fruit and granola. Parfait. Wish it had a little more granola but it’ll do for today. The cafeteria gives you chips for buying healthy. I already have 6 and it only takes 4 to get something free.

One day at a time, sweet Jesus. On my birthday 2014 I went to Lonnie Bush fitness. Said I was giving myself a new body for my 50th birthday. I didn’t go back for whatever reasons I had. Now just over two years later I’m diagnosed with Type II diabetes and I’m still over weight and my knees have bothered me quite a bit in the past several months. What if I had stayed with it?  I’d be slimmer. My knees wouldn’t be bothering me. I wouldn’t have gotten this diagnosis this morning.
But still

What will I do from today on?