Tuesday, March 1, 2016


I’ve often asked myself, what if I started right now and started doing EVERYTHING I know I should be doing for my body?  How long would it be before I’m at my physical best? How much weight would I lose by this time next year?  Would my skin look better and would my hair be longer? This diagnosis is making me answer that questions with my actions, and not just question myself in my head.

So  this morning my tummy is a little flatter. I pissed all day yesterday from the time she gave me that diagnosis, like every 30 minutes or so I had to go again. This is proof that there is power in WORDS. So I will definitely have to use my words to combat this, even though I ate my way into it.  I can eat my way back out of it. I held it off for about 7 years, and part of holding it off was speaking against it out of my mouth.

All I ate when I got home yesterday evening was a bag of pork skins with hot sauce and a little salt, and a glass of water. Feel a little lighter this morning.

For breakfast I had two eggs and three slices of bacon (two would have been better). Choking down water and sipping on coffee.
I also bought a yogurt parfait with extra pecans and granola. I’ll pick the strawberries out after I mix it up to get the strawberry flavor spread out. Hopefully there will be some tasty soup in the cafeteria. One day at a time. One meal at a time. One decision at a time.

Got on the scale today and I’ve lost 3 pounds this week.

So I went online and googled meds that spike blood sugar and guess what I found?  My high blood pressure meds spike blood sugar and I’ve been on them since 2009.  I admit it’s my fault that I’ve been on them for so long because when he first put me on them he told me that if I lost 50 pounds he could take me off of them. He said the extra weight was making my heart have to work too hard. 

Losing weight without a thyroid turned out to be extremely difficult and I ended up gaining an additional 15 pounds since 2009. I’m learning some things that I should have sought out before now.  Watching a video that is really eye-opening.

For lunch I’m having soup and salad. Before lunch I took two Garcinia Cambogia. I drank a large cup of lemon ginger tea with honey and extra lemon juice. I ate my beef barley soup and have not touched my salad. Feeling full. That slight hunger is still there but that will go away as my blood sugar goes back to normal.

Today I found some helpful information online. The one nutrition doctor I found said beets lower BP. I’ve never eaten beets but I will buy some. You can also buy beet juice. I will also look up other foods that lower BP. Will start sharing on my liveabiglife page.  That’s the whole idea behind the page and the title. Living better in all areas so I won’t be a useless Christian.
The last of the Snickers were taken today. Yay!

I’ve often passed on buying chicken breasts when they were on sale because I honestly don’t cook with them often.  But I will start buying them now especially on sale because when I go to the cafeteria and buy a salad I use chunks of chicken breasts on my salad.  Now I can buy them, cook them and bring them to work for my salads. They will help me save money in the long run by reducing the weight of my salads. I can also make sure I stay stocked with my salad dressings. I’ve discovered that I like Caesar and I also really like the Greek.

I had a nasty dinner tonight. A smoked sausage with mustard and cheese, covered with the nastiest chili sold in stores. I had gone to the grocery store, so after I ate that nastiness I ate a big helping of chips and salsa. It was delicious.

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