Tuesday, March 1, 2016

2/27/16 Literally Afraid to Eat

I was literally afraid to eat this morning. I didn’t get around to eating anything until after 10:00 even though I was up before 7:00. I can’t live like this. I can’t be afraid of food but I am right now.

I didn’t use the blood sugar thingy to check my blood sugar either. I’m afraid that looking at it six times a week will just make matters worse for me emotionally.

I did go to Sprouts today and I liked it. I got some fresh veggies, salad and poked around a bit. I think I need to learn how to pick a good mango though. I bought one and put it in the fridge at home. Two days later my daughter and I decided to eat it. It was quite ripe, and when she tasted it she spit it out. I guess I didn't pick a good one. :-(

With what I learned about vitamins yesterday from watching Dr Merritt, I asked a few more questions while there and the guy was no help. If you want to know about foods, don’t ask a doctor, ask a nutritionist. They understand foods and how the body uses them. She only has 6 videos on youtube and I've watched each of them. I will watch them from time to time to make sure I really understand how this blood sugar thing works. Reversing this will have to be done intentionally.

I have been thinking about how my body started acting as soon as that woman from the doctor’s office told me I had developed diabetes. My body IMMEDIATELY started acting like a diabetic body. Pissing every 20-30 minutes for starters.  Hunger in my gut that won’t go away and increases after I eat anything. That wasn’t happening before I heard those words, “You’ve developed Type II Diabetes”.  Goes to show that there really is POWER IN WORDS. 

I had to go back to Sprouts to look for the beet juice. I found some and when I tasted it, I describe it as tasting like the wages of sin. I did see a recipe for beet juice smoothie that includes pineapple.  Will definitely have to try that. Someone else said apple too. Yeah we gotta do something.

Foods that lower/regulate blood pressure: Beets. Almonds

Both brown rice and white rice spike blood sugar, due to the carbs.

Since watching Dr Merritt I have been reading labels and counting carbs. THIS is what I believe has me the most afraid of eating. It seems EVERYTHING has some carbs and most of what I enjoy has the MOST amount of carbs. I felt a bit helpless, almost hopeless for a little bit...and the fear set in. But it can be done

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